Posted by: febriedethan | May 1, 2009

Who’s that man ?

Who’s that man ? That was the thinking of Simon. He had just arrived in Jerusalem after worked from outside town. He came with his children that Friday and intend to celebrate the Passover Feast. He just left their luggages in the inn and start walk arround. “The atmosphere is quite different here, not as calm as Kirene my home town, “thought Simon.  Suddenly there’s  a noise that is not normal. He ran approach to the crowd  and he saw in front of the line, there is a soldier holding a flag marked Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews). Well, I never met Jesus, but I have heard about Him, who hasn’t ? He’s the most controversial figure right now.

But who’s that man actually ? Why people are going mad like this ?They torture Jesus and force Him carry big lodges, it’s about 140 pounds  I think. Simon wondering what kind of person Jesus is that deserve to be treated like that. “He’s bleeding and tired,”thought Simon. He is small, almost muscular. His long hair disheveled, sticky here and there by dried blood coming from the spine arround His head But His eyes, so sharp and strangely, the very soft soothing. I can not loose His eye look that. Full authority, but also very calm and fatherly.

Simon saw people scream at, swear at, and throwing garbage and stones to Him. “Wow..these people are out of control, they scream and spit on Him, it scary..I’d better get out of here, it’s not save for the children,” thought Simon.

But one of the Roman soldier pointed Simon and forced him to carry one of the big lodge. Simon could not refuse it, he was so scared and his children were too. Simon then carried one of the lodge. His children screamed in fear and he saw few native women took care of them. Simon walked behind Jesus, sometime he has to walk in front of Him, because Jesus fell  few times. Jesus did not speak a word, He kept silence but be so close to Him changed Simon. The lodge is heavy it’s obvious, but Simon did not realize the weight anymore. Just be near to Him make Simon feel close and unbelievably changed. His mind, his spirit all have changed in a new condition that really hard to explain.

The journey to the Golgotha hill became the unforgettable journey of Simon.  That journey has impacted him so much. After he carried that lodge to the hill, the Roman soldier sent him to go, but something just made him stay. It’s the eyes of Jesus that looked straight to him, not just into his eyes, but also through his heart and live. Finally in tears he left that hill.

That short experience gave a big differences  in his life. Simon of Kirene received the Christ and not only him, his wife, his children all received the Christ and became very effective believer. His son Rufus became servant of Jesus and Apostle Paul’s brother in Christ. Paul called Simon’s wife as his mother in Christ.

Who’s that Man ? That Man is Jesus, Son of God, Prince of Peace, Lamb of God, Almighty God, Isa, Alpha and Omega, King of King and my Salvation.

Mark 15:21  ; Rm 16:13


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