Posted by: febriedethan | June 27, 2008

God’s Promises

God has many promises for us, but sometime his promises doesn’t completed in our lives. Why it is happening? The only reason I think is that we’re not obeying His Word. He asks only for our obedience.

In Genesis 12: 1-5, we see Abraham took the promise of God to leave his country and his family. He agreed to leave but he took Lot. He obey just a part of God’s Word.

In Genesis 12: 10-20, When Abraham deal with problem (hunger) he ran to Egypt (the world). In Egypt he lied, he said Sarai is not his wife. He exchanged his wife with life’s necessity.

In Genesis 16: 1-4, Abraham listened to his wife more than God, he took Hagar as his concubine. He compromised with sin.

So, to have God’s promises in our live, we should repentance from all our sins. Leave all our violation. We should have the right obedience to God, so we can get benefit from all God’s promises to us.


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